A plumber Broadmeadows with a keen eye for detail

You will be pleasantly surprised by our sharp plumber Broadmeadows. The difference between a good plumber and a great plumber is attention to detail in all aspects of workmanship and service. At NLK Plumbing, this is one of our driving forces in our approach to business. When someone from our team arrives on site, they will meticulously inspect the suspected problem and deduce the sole cause. Making the correct diagnosis takes skill and expertise, and it is easy to make the wrong decision if the plumber is being too hasty. Unfortunately, this leads to the wrong course of action for the problem at hand, and can even make matters worse in the worst case scenario. For this reason, it is worth relying on a careful plumber in Broadmeadows.

When you need an emergency plumber in Broadmeadows, call NLK Plumbing

Even in emergency situations where time is a big factor, it pays to be careful while still being efficient. Carelessness only leads to mistakes and bad judgements. These can cost money or end in more damage to property and possessions, or even physical harm. NLK Plumbing has been on hand for countless emergencies over the years, and so we have seen and dealt with just about anything you could imagine. This experience has equipped us with the skills to instantly calm even the most disastrous of situations. If you are desperate for a cool headed emergency plumber in Broadmeadows in your time of need, you know to rely on NLK Plumbing.

Don’t live with nasty blocked drains in Broadmeadows

Our savvy blocked drain plumbers in Broadmeadows can isolate the cause of your blocked drain. When we arrive on site to any job we come fully prepared in a service vehicle laden with tools, parts and accessories to help us perform the task to the best of our ability. For example, we rarely work on a complex blocked drain job without our trusty drain camera which gives our plumbers a clear picture of the problem so that we can confidently find the best solution. It also gives us a chance to show you exactly how bad the situation is, so hopefully as to deter you in the future!

Let us take care of your hotwater situation

We can also be of assistance with any hotwater issues in Broadmeadows. Whether it is the temperature, the pressure, or your system has just stopped working altogether, we can handle any dilemma. Everyone deserves a hot shower after a long day, and we will get the problem solved as soon as possible to ensure you can get back to your regular routine.

We are the trusted team in Melbourne’s northern and western regions. It is our local knowledge of these areas that our customers respond to, because we know the common problems and solutions for houses nearby. What’s more, we will arrive within minutes because we are not far away at all. Please give us a call on 0404 803 333 when you are ready to chat with our friendly team of professional and experienced plumbers about your residential or commercial plumbing trouble.

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