Look no further for a plumber in Thomastown

Are you fed up with plumber Thomastown that just waste your time? Unlike other companies, NLK Plumbing values each customer’s individual situation and will tailor our services accordingly. This attention to detail and dedication to service is what has taken this family owned business to new heights. See for yourself why we are so proud of our customer service distinction when you meet our bubbly staff.

An emergency is no cause for alarm with the composed NLK Plumbing team

Our Thomastown emergency plumber will keep level-headed throughout, turning to years of experience when dealing with a tricky situation. We understand that burst pipes and leaking roofs can be a time of anxiety and frustration for homeowners, which is why we take special care to logically and thoroughly get to the bottom of things. Leave your situation in our capable hands.

NLK Plumbing have all your blocked drains needs covered in Thomastown

If you have a damaged, broken or clogged sink or garbage disposal, allow us to lend a helping hand. One of the most frequent problems we attend to is a garbage disposal that is making a worrying noise or not effectively working. And nine times out of ten, it is a result of people throwing things in the garbage disposal that should really go in the bin. Things like oils and bones are common culprits that immediately become congealed or stuck. Perhaps your machine has started to emit an unpleasant odour. Once the problem is cleared, be sure to flush the system with lemon to keep it feeling fresh, as odours tend to linger even after the blockage is cleared.

NLK Plumbing is the name to remember for all of your hotwater needs in Thomastown

If you are having problems maintaining a constant temperature, or are having issues with low pressure, then we are the team to call. We are knowledgeable and experienced across gas, electrical and solar hot water systems should you be thinking of converting. We can help you weigh up the benefits using your information, finding out what will be cheapest and most effective for your consumption and usage habits. If you have a liking for a particular brand or feature then we are happy to advise accordingly.

All that it takes to eliminate your plumbing woes for good is a call to NLK Plumbing on 0404 803 333. This hands-on team will handle your project from start to finish with ease. Longer plumbing projects will no doubt encounter obstacles, but it is how these obstacles are tackled is the mark of a good plumber. We are highly skilled and experienced across all aspects of water and gas plumbing. All of our staff have a general knowledge as well as areas of expertise, so we can send the best person for your job. Whether you are in need of urgent plumbing services or are looking for a talented team to provide ongoing support to your renovation or extension project, give us a call.

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